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All Hostas that start with the letter “B”

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    Backyard Monster

    Moderately corrugated green centered leaves with a margin that changes from yellow to white. Thick substance. Near white flowers in June.

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    Beckoning (PP18371)

    Leaves emerge green, then turn gold with wide, blue-green margins by summer; slightly cupped and glaucous. Near white flowers. Sport of Blue Angel.’

  • Big Daddy

    Blue-green leaves of heavy substance. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Big Top

    Large, upright mound of blue-green foliage; ideal for shade gardens. Near-white flowers in July on three-foot scapes.

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    Bill Brincka

    Bright green with bright yellow-green margin of variable width that becomes more ivory with the season. Virus-free version of H.’Opipara’. Glossy leaves. Purple striped flowers.

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    Bix Blues

    Deep blue-green, oval-shaped leaves; thick substance. Whitish flowers in July.

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    Heavily corrugated leaves emerge bluish green and become dark green by early summer. Thick substance. White flowers in July.

  • Blue Angel

    Huge, blue leaves with heavy substance. White flowers.

  • Blue Arrow

    Glossy, lance-shape blue-green leaves. White flowers.

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    Blue Flame

    Heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a wavy, yellow margin. Fragrant, pale lavender flowers in August.

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    Blue Haired Lady

    Leaves begin a bluish green and by mid-summer turn shiny dark green. Good substance. Whitish flowers in July.

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    Blue Hawaii

    Semi-upright mound of rich blue foliage; thick substance; slug resistant. Pale purple flowers in July.

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    Blue Ivory

    Wide, creamy white margins and a blue center. Margins brighten to white and may develop a unique green blush in the summer. Lavender flowers.

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    Blue Jay

    Intense blue heart-shaped leaves. Great substance. Lavender flowers.

  • Blue Mammoth

    Powdered blue with heavily corrugated leaves; white bell-shaped flowers.

  • Blue Moon

    Low-growing clump of blue-green heart-shaped leaves. White flowers.

  • Blue Mouse Ears

    Thick, round, blue-green to gray-green leaves. Forms a perfectly symmetrical mound. Lavender, bell-shaped flowers.

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    Blue River

    Blue green, corrugated leaves with a yellow margin. Near-white flowers June and July.

  • Blue Sophistication

    Eye-catching blue foliage color; excellent growth rate; makes great container plant or ground cover in the landscape. Lavender flowers in July.

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    Blue Umbrellas

    Large blue-green leaves; good texture. White flowers.

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    Blue Vision

    Deep blue-green corrugated leaves. Very slug resistant. White flowers.

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    Blue Wedgwood

    Deep blue wedge-shape leaves. Its heavy substance is slug resistant. Lavender flowers.

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    Blueberry Muffin

    Rich blue-green, oblong-ovate-shaped; slightly wavy and unruly; thick substance.

  • Bobbie Sue

    Shiny dark green leaves; with a 1/2″ wide pure white margin. 2″ tubular lavender flowers, on 4″ scapes

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    Bold Ribbons

    Shiny, dark green leaves with a slightly wavy creamy white margin. Oblong-elliptic leaf blades with a rounded base. Bright purple flowers late July.

  • Brendas Beauty

    Sport of �Gold Standard.� Leaves are green edged with a very light yellow center; average substance. Pale lavender flowers mid-July.

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    Bridal Veil

    Green-centered leaves with neatly rippled, creamy margins. Very pale lavender flowers.

  • Bright Lights

    Cup shaped leaves are center streaked and mottled with yellow and have wide, green margins. White flowers.

  • Brim Cup

    Green cupped, seersucker leaves with wide irregular white margins; lavender flowers.

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    Broad Band

    Heart-shaped leaves with extra wide, creamy yellow to white margins that jet into the dark green center. Near white flowers mid to late summer.

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    Brother Stefan

    Large, heavily corrugated gold leaves with a wide dark green margin. Near white flowers in early summer.

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    Rich gold, heavily corrugated leaves; good substance. White flowers in July.