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All Hostas that start with the letter “C”

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  • Camelot

    Very blue colored leaves; heavy substance.

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    Candy Dish

    Shiny, green leaves are ovate-shaped with many tiny marginal ripples and a long, thin tip. Moderate underside bloom. Pale purple flowers on reddish scapes in September.

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    Candy Hearts

    Leaves are medium blue-green, shiny on top and dull underneath, with a slightly rippled margin. They are broadly ovate with a cordate base, cupped, and lightly wavy. Fast growth rate. Light lavender flowers.

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    Captain Kirk

    Leaves have a gold center that contrasts nicely with the dark green margins. Fast growth rate. Pale lavender flowers mid-summer.

  • Carnival

    Irregular wide yellow margin that streaks to the center of the green heart-shape leaves. Lavender flowers.

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    Carolina Sunshine

    Shiny, dark green center; wavy yellow margin; elliptic blade shape. Dense mound habit Pale purple flowers..

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    Cathedral Windows (PP17295)

    Golden-yellow, heart-shaped leaves with wide, dark green margins; lighter shades of green appear between the overlap. Best coloration in bright filtered light. Vigorous growth rate. Large, fragrant, near-white flowers in late summer.

  • Celestial

    dark green center with a 1 �� wide, creamy-white margin; heavily corrugated; thick substance. Improves on �Northern Halo� and other white-edged, Sieboldana-types. Pale lavender flowers early July.

  • Center of Attention

    Heart-shaped leaves with a creamy-white center. The leaves are margined by two shades of green, which often streak into the lighter leaf center. Pale lavender flowers in late July.

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    Bright gold, intensely corrugated, unruly leaves. Good substance. Very pale lavender flowers late June to July.

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    Chain Lightening

    Excellent contrast between the dark green-margined leaves and creamy white center. Good substance. Lavender flowers in July.

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    Change of Tradition

    Shiny green lance-shaped leaves with a very thin white margin. Medium lavender flowers mid-August.

  • Cherish

    Round leaves with streaky yellow center. The center fades to near white by midsummer. Tiny purple bell-shaped flowers.

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    Cherry Berry

    Lance-shape leaves with dark green margin and creamy white centers. Violet flowers midsummer on red scapes.

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    Cherry Tart

    Wedge-shaped leaves emerge bright chartreuse and brighten to a glowing yellow; prominent �lipstick red� leaf petioles. Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Chesapeake Bay

    Deep blue-green leaves that form a vase-shaped mound; lightly cupped; heavily corrugated; thick substance. Near white flowers in July.

  • Christmas Cookies

    White center with dark green margin. Sport of �Night Before Christmas.� Pale lavender flowers in mid-July to August.

  • Cinderella

    Medium to dark green center with medium gold margin. Thick substance. Near-white flowers in late June.

  • Cinnamon Sticks

    Glaucous green leaves with cinnamon red petioles. This hosta makes a great rock garden subject. September lavender flowers on dark red scapes.

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    City Lights

    Large, brilliant gold leaves. Thick substance. Very pale lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Clear Fork River Valley

    Dark green, heavily corrugated leaves. Thick substance. Very pale lavender flowers in late June.

  • Clifford’s Stingray (PP17279)

    Leaves are twisted, folded, ovate, cordate base with a green margin and a white center. Fast growth rate. Lavender flowers in July.

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    Cliffords Comet

    Heart shaped leaves have a green edging that feathers deep into a cream-colored center. Unique green flecking appears throughout the center of each leaf.

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    Unruly, thick, blue-green foliage turning a rich, shiny, dark green by midsummer. Pale purple flowers on 2� scapes in July.

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    Ovate-shaped dark green leaves. Slightly shiny on the underside. Smooth texture. Purple flowers in July.

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    Color Glory

    Cupped, round, golden leaves with an irregular blue-green margin. Good substance. Bell-shaped white flowers.

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    Cool as a Cucumber (PPAF)

    Long, tapered leaves with clear white centers and bright green margins. Begins as an upright mound and matures into a beautiful arching mound. Light lavender flowers on creamy white scapes in early summer.

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    Unique clump of upright and arching, twisted, shiny dark green leaves. Fast growth rate. Lavender flowers in September and October, frequently on forked scapes.

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    Corn Belt

    Beautiful, pie-crust edged leaves are gold leaves with a wide green margin. Pale lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Cotton Candy

    White leaves heavily covered with green mist, turning to bright green leaves by August 1. Lavender flowers.

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    Count Your Blessings

    Heart shaped lime green leaves with white margins. Lavender flowers in July.

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    Cream Cheese

    Green leaves with a yellow to white wavy margin. Purple flowers in August.

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    Narrow white margins on blue-green heart shaped crinkled leaves. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Curly Fries

    Forms an arching, wiggly clump of extremely rippled narrow, chartreuse leaves. Red speckeled petioles. Best foliage color in morning sun. Lavender flowers midsummer.