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All Hostas that start with the letter “E”

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  • Earth Angel

    Large heart-shaped blue-green leaves have a wide creamy-white margin.

  • Easy to Love

    Blue green leaves with a white margin. Good substance.. Medium to fast growth rate. Pale lavender flowers in July.

  • Elbridge Gerry

    Green Leaves with wide gold margins. Pale purple flowers in July.

  • Eleanor Lachman

    White center with green margin that often streaks into the center. Lavender flowers.

  • Electrocution

    Tightly rippled, twisted, long and narrow leaves are green with yellow to creamy yellow margins. Red speckled petioles. Upright growing habit. Lavender flowers midsummer.

  • Ellerbroek

    Deep green leaves with a golden border are cupped, crimped and puckered. Color holds well in sun and shade. Pale lavender flowers late July.

  • Embroidery

    Leaves emerge in the spring with a creamy-white center and a margin of gathered puckering or “stitched.� The center variegation fades to green in summer.

  • Emerald Charger

    Gold center with wide bright green margins. Sport of �Stained Glass,� only with much wider margins and heavier substance. Fragrant, pale lavender flowers in August.

  • Emerald Ruff Cut

    Gold center with a rippled, dark green margin. Sharply contrasting gold-green variegation. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Emerald Scepter

    Leaves emerge gold, turning creamy white (especially in bright light), with a chartreuse margin. Ovate leaf shape. Pale purple flowers mid-July.

  • Emerald Tiara

    Medium green margins on gold center leaves; reverse of �Golden Tiara.� Purple flowers.

  • Empress Wu (PP20774)

    Huge, dark green, deeply veined leaves; thick substance. Forms an upright clump. Pale Reddish violet flowers. Largest known hosta in commerce!

  • Enterprise

    Sport of �Captain Kirk�. Creamy white center with a green margin; better than average substance. Lavender flowers.

  • Eternal Flame

    Selection of �Whirlwind,� but the center variegation holds its white variegation better. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Everlasting Love

    Wide, creamy yellow to white margins with a dark green center. Good growth rate. Lavender flowers.

  • Eye Declare (PP18466)

    Glowing yellow leaves emerge with a deep green margin. The center greens up in the summer. Lavender flowers.