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All Hostas that start with the letter “K”

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  • (rectifolia) Kinbuchi Tachi

    Shiny, dark green center with a margin that changes from yellow to creamy white. Good substance. Bright purple flowers.

  • (venusta) Kinakafu Otome

    Oval-shaped leaves emerge with green margin and gold-centers in spring and change to all green by mid-July. Purple flowers late June.

  • Kabuki

    Medium green center with creamy white margin. Lavender flowers.

  • Katie Q

    Green center with a medium gold margin and slightly wavy leaves. Pale lavender flowers on an 18-30� scape.

  • Key West

    Large, bright gold, heart-shaped leaves. Has a potential for a 6� diameter for mature clumps! Does best in bright filtered shade to best take advantage of intense gold coloration. Lavender flowers early summer.

  • King Tut

    Ovate-shaped bright gold leaves. Heavily corrugated. Thick substance. Near white flowers June and July.

  • Kiwi Full Monty

    Sport of �Striptease.� Frosty blue leaves have golden centers, turning to a bright creamy-yellow, bordered with flashes of white. Lavender flowers.

  • Knockout

    Wide cream edge with blue-green centers; spectacular coloration on leaves.

  • Komodo Dragon

    Heart-shaped gray-green leaves. Pale lavender flowers early summer.

  • Krossa Regal

    Frosty blue leaves; soft lavender flowers on tall scapes.

  • Krugerrand

    Large, upright mound of bright gold foliage. Pale lavender flowers.