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All Hostas that start with the letter “N”

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  • Nate the Great

    Large, round blue-green leaves are deeply cupped and puckered; upright hosta. Lavender flowers on a tall, straight scape in July.

  • Neptune (PP19674)

    Heavily rippled, narrow wedge leaves emerge glaucous blue, and turn more blue-green as the season emerges. Good substance. Lavender flowers on arching scapes late summer.

  • Niagara Falls

    Dark, spinach-green, heart-shaped leaves with wide, deep impressed veins. Very nice pie-crust edging, intensifying with age. Pale violet flowers.

  • Night Before Christmas

    2 ��white center bordered by wide, dark green margins. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Night Shift

    Bright gold leaves with a dark green, wavy margin. Good substance. Lavender flowers on 3� scapes that droop horizontally.

  • Nigrescens

    Broadly ovate shaped, moderately corrugated blue-green leaves. Thick substance. Grows into a vase shaped mound. Pale lavenders flowers on 6� scapes July to August.

  • Northern Exposure

    Huge, corrugated leaves are blue-green with 2� margins that lighten to cream. Forms a large, impressive clump. White flowers.