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All Hostas that start with the letter “O”

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  • Ocean Isle

    Long, thin pointed, wavy blue-green leaves with a wide, bright gold margin; good substance; high vein count. Light lavender flowers in June and July.

  • Old Glory (PP12503)

    Golden heart shaped leaves edged with an uneven dark green edged. Prominent veins and a rippled edged. Lavender flowers in mid-summer.

  • Olive Bailey Langdon

    Round leaves are margined with gold. Similar to’ Frances Williams’, but much less prone to summer burn. White flowers.

  • Olive Branch

    A sport of �Candy Hearts�. Heart shaped leaves are green with narrow, streaked, butterscotch yellow centers. Forms a neat symmetrical clump. Near-white, bell-shaped flowers.

  • On Fire

    Gold streaks throughout the intense blue foliage. A streaked form of �Halcyon.� Great breeder. Excellent substance. Lavender flowers mid-late summer.

  • On Stage

    Yellow leaf centers with irregular green margins. Lavender flowers.

  • On the Border

    Dark green, shiny leaves with a creamy yellow to white margin. Pale lavender flowers late summer.

  • One Man’s Treasure

    Green shiny leaves with a slight rippling margin, very shiny on top and slightly shiny on leaf underside, broadly ovate with a cordite base. Purple dots all along leaf petiole extend shortly up into the leaf veins. Medium lavender, tubular flowers that blooms August-September.

  • Ooh la la

    Creamy white center streaks out into dark green margin. Pale purple flowers.

  • Orange Crush

    Gold with a creamy white margin; moderately corrugated. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Orange Marmalade (PP16742)

    Blue-green margin; center bright gold as it emerges from soil, becoming lighter during the season with bright light. Pale lavender flowers. Sport of �Paul�s Glory�

  • Oreo Cream

    Leaves are heavily twisted and contorted with bright white centers and wide, dark green margins. Good substance.

  • Oshima Silk

    Medium green leaves with a narrow, very rippled, white margin. White underside. Pale purple flowers in August.