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    Count Your Blessings

    Heart shaped lime green leaves with white margins. Lavender flowers in July.

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    Cream Cheese

    Green leaves with a yellow to white wavy margin. Purple flowers in August.

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    Narrow white margins on blue-green heart shaped crinkled leaves. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Curly Fries

    Forms an arching, wiggly clump of extremely rippled narrow, chartreuse leaves. Red speckeled petioles. Best foliage color in morning sun. Lavender flowers midsummer.

  • Dance with Me

    Heavy-textured, heart-shaped, yellow leaf is framed with a dark green margin. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Dancing in the Rain (PP15977)

    Pure white centers with blue-green streaks and margins. Centers tend to green up in extreme heat. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Dancing Queen

    Bright yellow wedge-shaped leaves with a great rippled edge. Vigorous clumping. Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Dark Secret

    Corrugated, unruly, cupped, dark green, shiny leaves. Good Substance. Pale lavender flowers late June to July on 3� scapes.

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    Dark Shadows

    Heart-shaped and gently ruffled leaves emerge blue with an uneven chartreuse-yellow margin, and changes to green early summer; thick substance. Pale lavender flowers early summer.

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    Days End

    Medium green-centered foliage bordered in gold; August lavender flowers.

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    Deep Blue Sea

    Outstanding blue, round corrugated leaves. Near white flowers midsummer.

  • Deep Pockets

    Heavily corrugated, deeply cupped, medium to dark green leaves. Good substance. Very pale lavender flowers.

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    Deep Space Nine

    Medium to dark green leaves with a wide, wavy yellow margin. Thick Substance. Reverse sport of �Captain Kirk.� Pale lavender flowers mid-July to August.

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    Deja Blu

    Blue-green foliage with a cream lightning bolt between the center of the leaf and the yellow margin. Light lavender flowers.

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    Designer Genes

    Bright gold leaves with crimson red scapes. Purple flowers in July.

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    Devils Advocate

    Blue-green leaves with green margins that brighten into a showier apple green as the season progresses. Plant forms an upright mound. Sport of �Blue Angel.� White flowers midsummer.

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    Dew Drop

    Small heavily-textured dark green leaves with a narrow white margin. Lavender flowers late June.

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    Diana Remembered

    Moderately corrugated, blue-green leaves with creamy white margins that extend down to the petioles. Named after the late Princess Diana of Whales. Very fragrant, white, tubular flowers.

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    Dick Ward

    Nearly round, gold leaves with wide, jetting, dark green margins; mature leaves are heavily corrugated; slug resistant. Pale lavender flowers early summer.

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    Dinner Mint

    Bright yellow leaves with dark green, slightly rippled margin. Wavy. Medium to fast growth rate. Medium purple flowers in August.

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    Dream Maker

    Blue-green leaves with heavily streaked yellow variegation. Thick substance. Near-white flowers late June to mid-July.

  • Dream Queen

    A sport of �Great Expectations� which is similar to �Thunderbolt�. Large, nearly round, corrugated, bluish-green leaves with a narrow, creamy white center. White flowers.

  • Dream Weaver

    Creamy white pattern in the center with a very wide blue-green border, the leaves are slightly corrugated.

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    Duke of Cornwall

    Blue-green leaves with a gold margin. Near white flowers late June to July.

  • Dust Devil

    An attractive �reversed� sport of �Whirlwind�. A dark green center makes a striking contrast to wide, white margins; good growth rate, late July lavender flowers.

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    Earth Angel

    Large heart-shaped blue-green leaves have a wide creamy-white margin.

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    Easy to Love

    Blue green leaves with a white margin. Good substance.. Medium to fast growth rate. Pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Elbridge Gerry

    Green Leaves with wide gold margins. Pale purple flowers in July.

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    Eleanor Lachman

    White center with green margin that often streaks into the center. Lavender flowers.

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    Tightly rippled, twisted, long and narrow leaves are green with yellow to creamy yellow margins. Red speckled petioles. Upright growing habit. Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Deep green leaves with a golden border are cupped, crimped and puckered. Color holds well in sun and shade. Pale lavender flowers late July.

  • Embroidery

    Leaves emerge in the spring with a creamy-white center and a margin of gathered puckering or “stitched.� The center variegation fades to green in summer.

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    Emerald Charger

    Gold center with wide bright green margins. Sport of �Stained Glass,� only with much wider margins and heavier substance. Fragrant, pale lavender flowers in August.

  • Emerald Ruff Cut

    Gold center with a rippled, dark green margin. Sharply contrasting gold-green variegation. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Emerald Scepter

    Leaves emerge gold, turning creamy white (especially in bright light), with a chartreuse margin. Ovate leaf shape. Pale purple flowers mid-July.

  • Emerald Tiara

    Medium green margins on gold center leaves; reverse of �Golden Tiara.� Purple flowers.

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    Empress Wu (PP20774)

    Huge, dark green, deeply veined leaves; thick substance. Forms an upright clump. Pale Reddish violet flowers. Largest known hosta in commerce!

  • Enterprise

    Sport of �Captain Kirk�. Creamy white center with a green margin; better than average substance. Lavender flowers.

  • Eternal Flame

    Selection of �Whirlwind,� but the center variegation holds its white variegation better. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Everlasting Love

    Wide, creamy yellow to white margins with a dark green center. Good growth rate. Lavender flowers.

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    Eye Declare (PP18466)

    Glowing yellow leaves emerge with a deep green margin. The center greens up in the summer. Lavender flowers.

  • Fair Maiden

    Streaky cream edged; foliage emerges in the spring with dark green leaf centers and yellowish-white margins, eventually turning white. Lavender flowers.

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    Brassy-gold, rounded leaves with excellent corrugation. Morning sun to lightly filtered shade for brightest leaf coloration. Near-white flowers early summer.

  • Faithful Heart

    Oval-shaped leaves, light gold center with a narrow green margin. Pale purple flowers.

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    Fallen Angel

    A large mound of pointed leaves that emerge misted, near white in the spring, then turn blue-green and finally green as the summer progresses. Near white flowers in early summer.

  • Fan Dance

    Yellow leaves with a green margin; the intensity of coloration is extremely light dependent and may bleach to parchment color in high light. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Fantabulous

    Sparkling, deep green leaves with a broad creamy-white margin. The slightly rippled leaf margin gives the impression the foliage is flowing from the center of the plant.

  • Fantasy Island

    Leaves have a yellow center early that changes to creamy white with medium green, slightly wavy margins. Sport of �Island Charm.� Pale purple flowers.

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    Fat Cat

    Large, almost round, deep yellow leaves with great quilting at maturity. Near white flowers in June.

  • Fiesta

    Chartreuse centered leaves with a narrow, white margin. Slug resistant. Pale purple flowers.

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    Final Summation (PPAF)

    Sport of �Sum and Substance� with wide, dark green margins; lightly cupped, very round, giant leaves. Lavender flowers in July.

  • Fire and Ice

    This sport of Patriot, has very dark green margins and a pure white center. Lavender flowers on a white stem.

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    Fire Island

    Brilliant yellow leaves with light red petioles and the coloration extending into the base of the leaves. Stunning intensity in spring. Lavender flowers.

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    Fired Up

    Blue-green leaves with a narrow white margin and many whit streaks throughout the center. Good substance. Pale purple flowers late July to early August.

  • Fireworks (PP16062)

    Miniaturized sport of �Loyalist�. Narrow, stiff, upright foliage. Deep green margins and creamy white centers. Light lavender flowers.

  • First Frost

    Blue center gradually turns dark green with a wide, gold margin that turns into creamy-white. Pale Lavender flowers.

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    First Mate

    Dark green margins with yellow to creamy white center, narrowly elliptic leaves. Purple flowers mid to late summer.

  • Flame Stitch

    Heart-shaped leaves with a small, twisted tip and dark green margins that streak into the white center. Deep violet flowers.

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    Medium green, ovate-shaped leaves with a rippled white margin. Corrugated at maturity. Near white flowers.

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    Flower Power

    Dark gray-green leaves that are rounded with prominent veins. Upright growth habit. Fragrant flowers July and August.

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    Fountain of Youth

    Shiny, heavily rippled leaves with a white margin and medium green center. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Foxfire Green Lantern

    Ovate-shaped leaves are pale green, changing to chartreuse by mid-July. Heavily corrugated; slightly cupped.

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    Forest-green heart-shaped leaves with narrow white margins. Lavender flowers.

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    Frances Williams

    Wide gold margins on blue-green center leaves. Thick substance. White flowers.

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    Fringe Benefit

    Large bluish-green puckered heart-shaped leaves with broad white margin.

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    Frosted Mini Hearts

    Shiny, slightly wavy leaves have a misted white and green center with a narrow green margin. Pale purple flowers in July.

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    Frosted Mouse Ears

    Blue-green to dark green in the center with a wide, creamy white margin; thick substance. Purple flowers in July.

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    Garden Party

    Medium to bright gold center with a medium green margin �� to �� wide. Thick substance. White flowers early in July.

  • Garden Treasure

    Oval shape leaves with a dark green center and wide gold margins. Brightly variegated. Slug-resistant. Dense clustered, very pale lavender flowers.

  • Gemini Moon

    Green center with gold margin. Sport of �Abiqua Moonbeam�. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Gentle Giant

    Large blue-green leaves; corrugated, cupped and twisted. Lavender flowers June to July.

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    George M. Dallas

    Dark green leaves with a sharply contrasting gold margin; distinct tip; good substance. Lavender flowers mid-July to August.

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    Georgia Sweetheart

    Pointed, glossy leaves have dark green margins with a narrow gold center that fades to creamy-yellow by late summer. Pale lavender flowers on a cream scape midsummer.

  • Ghost Spirit

    Blue-green margins, misted green and white center that changes to green in July; heart shaped blade. Pale lavender flowers in early July.

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    Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears

    Small, medium gold, heart-shaped leaves. Thick substance. Pale purple flowers early to mid-July.

  • Gin and Tonic

    Chartreuse center, creamy gold to white margin; heavily corrugated; good substance; semi-upright mound habit. Near white flowers from July into August.

  • Ginko Craig

    Deep green in the center, nearly as much irregular white edgings as there is green; petioles are edged white, are open grooved; some irregular cupping exists. Tolerates morning sun very well. Medium purple flowers.

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    Glad Tidings

    �Leaves emerge chartreuse and gradually become gold colored as the season progresses. The foliage is somewhat unruly and forms an upright clump. Thick substance. Pale lavender flowers bloom in July.

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    Glory Hallelujah

    Heart-shaped leaves are dark blue-green with a yellow margin; reverse sport of �Paul�s Glory�. Pale lavender flowers midsummer. Great grower with pronounced variegation.

  • Gold Drop

    Small, gold heart-shaped leaves, excellent for edging. Lavender flowers.

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    Gold Standard

    Leaves emerge light green with dark green margin turning gold with a light green margin by summer.

  • Golden Gate

    Rich gold with wavy corrugated shiny leaves with good substance. Lavender flowers.

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    Golden Needles

    Compact clump of yellow leaves with green streaks throughout the whole leaf. Thick substance. Improved sport of �Silver Threads and Golden Needles.� Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Golden Scepter

    Gold leaves are ovate-shaped and slightly wavy. Slightly shiny underside. Pale purple flowers in July.

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    Golden Tiara

    Medium green, heart-shaped leaves; gold margin. Lavender flowers.

  • Golden Tusk

    Medium to bright gold color; thick substance. A gold-leafed sport of �Woolly Mammoth.� Near white flowers.

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    Golden Years

    Medium gold color; thick substance: July lavender flowers.

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    Goodness Gracious (PPAF)

    Large, deeply veined, heart-shaped green leaves with very wide yellow margins. Showy sport of �Satisfaction.� Light lavender flowers early to midsummer.

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    Grand Master

    Large bluish-green puckered leaves with white margin. thick substance. Lavender flowers.

  • Grand Tiara

    Bright gold margin with narrow dark green center. Lavender flowers.

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    Great Arrival

    Blue-green center; �� to �� margin that is bright gold in spring, turning creamy white by mid-summer; heavily corrugated; broadly ovate blade; thick substance. Near-white flowers. A reversed form of �Great Expectations�.

  • Great Expectations

    Large round puckered leaves with 2�� wide blue-green margins, gold center changing to creamy white by mid-summer. Outstanding variegation. White flowers.

  • Great Lakes Gold

    Bright gold leaves with rippled margins. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Green Gables

    Medium green leaves. Sport of �Sum and Substance.� Lavender flowers late summer.

  • Grey Ghost

    In early spring, leaves comes up near white to yellow, then blue-green by early summer, thick substance. A sport of �Blue Angel.� Ideal specimen plant because of its leaf color metamorphosis. Near white flowers June to July.

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    Grover Cleveland

    Heavily corrugated, cupped, deep blue-green, broadly ovate leaf. Thick substance. Very pale lavender flowers midsummer.

  • Guacamole

    Gold-centered, green-margined color; colors intensify with more light and during the growing season. Fast growth rate. Fragrant, pale lavender flowers.

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    Guardian Angel

    Wide; misted white and green leaf centered surrounded by a blue-green margin; thick substance: a striking sport of �Blue Angel�. Dense clustered near-white flowers on a 3-4� scape in June.

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    Gypsy Rose

    Elliptic-ovate yellow leaves with a contrasting, wide, dark green margin, plus a whitish margin between the center and margin. Lavender flowers late July.

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    Long, tapered, light green leaves are intensely rippled and lightly serrated. Vigorous growth rate. Good sun tolerance. Lavender flowers mid to late summer.