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    Dark green leaves with wide creamy-white margins forms a striking contrast. Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Mango Tango

    Round leaves with a very wide green edge; narrow mango-yellow, slightly puckered design in center of leaf. Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Heavily twisted leaves with a green margin and white center. Good vigor. This unique contorted foliage is ideal for troughs or small containers.

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    Margie’s Angel

    Gold leaves with a dark green margin. Good substance. Medium to fast growth rate. Very pale lavender flowers late June to July.

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    Ovate-shaped leaves emerge chartreuse in spring, changing to medium gold midsummer. Slightly wavy. Lavender flowers June to July.

  • Medusa

    Shiny, ivory-white to yellow leaves; 1/4� emerald-green edge; twisted and rippled; lance shaped. Pale purple flowers.

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    Midas Touch

    Puckered, cupped golden-bronze leaves; May need some sun to retain its deep color. Can grow in full sun in cool climates. White flowers.

  • Midwest Magic

    Gold-centered, green-edged; good substance. An excellent contrast between gold center and dark green margin. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Mildred Seaver

    Leaves are thick creamy-white margins and medium green centers. Pale mauve flowers.

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    Leaves are intensely blue-green with a slightly rippled margin. They are broadly ovate with a cordate base; there is glaucous bloom on both the top and underside of the leaf. Thick substance. Intensely corrugated. Pure white flowers.

  • Millie’s Memoirs

    Dark green leaves are edged with a gold margin. The leaves have a heavy substance, corrugated, puckered, and slightly cupped. Near white flowers.

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    Dark green, cupped leaves with wide, pure white margins. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Miss Susie

    Elongated, wedge-shaped yellow leaves with bright red petioles. Best planted in an elevated site to admire the red petioles. Lavender flowers late summer.

  • Mister Watson

    Bright gold-centered with a narrow, green margin; heavily corrugated; thick substance. Near-white flowers.

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    Corrugated, gold leaves with a medium green, wavy margin. Good substance. Pale lavender flowers late June to July.

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    Montana Aureomarginata

    Large green leaves with stunning, irregular yellow-cream margins. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Montana f. macrophylla (aka Krossa B-3)

    Medium to dark green leaves that are ovate-shaped with a deeply lobed base, and long, thin tip. Slightly wavy. Thick substance. Grows into a vase-shaped mound. Very pale lavender flowers late June to July.

  • Montana Mountain Snow

    Medium green with a wide wavy margin. Near white flowers.

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    Montreal Blue Ice Storm

    Broadly ovate, moderately corrugated, deep blue-green leaves. Thick substance. Pale lavender flowers late June to July.

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    Moonlight Sonata

    Bluish-green leaves are broadly ovate with a distinct tip. Wavy, moderately rippled, slightly cupped. Thick substance. Fragrant pale bluish white flowers mid-July to August.

  • Moonstruck

    Long, narrow white leaves are framed by a narrow blue edge. Great growth rate for the amount of white in its leaves.

  • Morning Light

    (PPAF) A reverse of �Twilight� with golden-yellow center and dark margins. Heavy substance. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Mouse Trap

    Bright white leaves with a blue-green margin. Younger leaves have green speckling in the white center. Thick substance.

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    My Child Insook

    Shiny, ivory white leaves with a dark green edge and chartreuse jetting towards the midrib. Pale lavender flowers mid to late summer.

  • My Claire

    Medium green center; yellow to creamy white margin. Lavender flowers.

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    My Friend Nancy

    Ovate-shaped, wavy, moderately corrugated, bluish green leaves with a yellow to creamy white margin. Thick substance. Very pale lavender flowers July to August.

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    Nate the Great

    Large, round blue-green leaves are deeply cupped and puckered; upright hosta. Lavender flowers on a tall, straight scape in July.

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    Neptune (PP19674)

    Heavily rippled, narrow wedge leaves emerge glaucous blue, and turn more blue-green as the season emerges. Good substance. Lavender flowers on arching scapes late summer.

  • Niagara Falls

    Dark, spinach-green, heart-shaped leaves with wide, deep impressed veins. Very nice pie-crust edging, intensifying with age. Pale violet flowers.

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    Night Before Christmas

    2 ��white center bordered by wide, dark green margins. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Night Shift

    Bright gold leaves with a dark green, wavy margin. Good substance. Lavender flowers on 3� scapes that droop horizontally.

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    Broadly ovate shaped, moderately corrugated blue-green leaves. Thick substance. Grows into a vase shaped mound. Pale lavenders flowers on 6� scapes July to August.

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    Northern Exposure

    Huge, corrugated leaves are blue-green with 2� margins that lighten to cream. Forms a large, impressive clump. White flowers.

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    Ocean Isle

    Long, thin pointed, wavy blue-green leaves with a wide, bright gold margin; good substance; high vein count. Light lavender flowers in June and July.

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    Old Glory (PP12503)

    Golden heart shaped leaves edged with an uneven dark green edged. Prominent veins and a rippled edged. Lavender flowers in mid-summer.

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    Olive Bailey Langdon

    Round leaves are margined with gold. Similar to’ Frances Williams’, but much less prone to summer burn. White flowers.

  • Olive Branch

    A sport of �Candy Hearts�. Heart shaped leaves are green with narrow, streaked, butterscotch yellow centers. Forms a neat symmetrical clump. Near-white, bell-shaped flowers.

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    On Fire

    Gold streaks throughout the intense blue foliage. A streaked form of �Halcyon.� Great breeder. Excellent substance. Lavender flowers mid-late summer.

  • On Stage

    Yellow leaf centers with irregular green margins. Lavender flowers.

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    On the Border

    Dark green, shiny leaves with a creamy yellow to white margin. Pale lavender flowers late summer.

  • One Man’s Treasure

    Green shiny leaves with a slight rippling margin, very shiny on top and slightly shiny on leaf underside, broadly ovate with a cordite base. Purple dots all along leaf petiole extend shortly up into the leaf veins. Medium lavender, tubular flowers that blooms August-September.

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    Ooh la la

    Creamy white center streaks out into dark green margin. Pale purple flowers.

  • Orange Crush

    Gold with a creamy white margin; moderately corrugated. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Orange Marmalade (PP16742)

    Blue-green margin; center bright gold as it emerges from soil, becoming lighter during the season with bright light. Pale lavender flowers. Sport of �Paul�s Glory�

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    Oreo Cream

    Leaves are heavily twisted and contorted with bright white centers and wide, dark green margins. Good substance.

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    Oshima Silk

    Medium green leaves with a narrow, very rippled, white margin. White underside. Pale purple flowers in August.

  • Paradigm

    Gold leaves with a blue-green margin. The variegation pattern intensifies later in the spring. Near white flowers.

  • Paradise Glory

    A great sport from �Paul�s glory�. Very thick, yellow-gold leaves have wide, blue margins. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Paradise Island (PPAF)

    Brilliant yellow leaves with narrow, dark green margins. Color changes to chartreuse as temperatures increase. Red petioles that bleed into the base of the leaf. Lavender flowers late summer.

  • Paradise Power (PP12117)

    Pointed, light yellow leaves have dramatic dark green, irregular margin. Margins widen and then the leaves lengthen as they mature. Sport of �Sun Power.� Lavender flowers.

  • Parhelion

    A sport of �Sub and Substance.� Huge, gold-chartreuse leaves with heavy substance are surrounded by a narrow cream margin. Lavender flowers.

  • Parky’s Prize

    Dark green leaves edged with a yellow margin. It has a good grow rate, good leaf substance, and pale lavender flowers.

  • Pathfinder

    Dark green margin; white center with many green speckles. Pale purple flowers.

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    Medium green leaves with gold borders; rapid growth rate. Lavender flowers.

  • Patriot

    A sport of ‘Francee’. Same dark green center, but with wider margins. Violet flowers.

  • Paul Revere

    Wide, dark green margins with a creamy white center, a sport of �Patriot�. Lavender flowers.

  • Paul’s Glory

    Gold heart-shaped leaves with a blue-green streaked margin. Lavender flowers.

  • Peace

    Streaky white margins on green leaves. Lavender-Blue flowers.

  • Peanut

    Dark green margin that sometimes streaks into the creamy yellow to white center; heavily corrugated; ovate blade shape. Purple flowers.

  • Peppermint Ice

    Wide, dark green margin bordering a creamy yellow to white center. Purple flowers.

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    Blue-green leaves with a striking wide, golden yellow margin. Leaves change to dark green with a creamy white margin by July. Very pale lavender flowers late July.

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    Peter Ruh

    Blue-green center; margin chartreuse early, changing to gold, or in direct sunlight to more creamy yellow, have very good substance. It�s the reversed sport of �Paul�s Glory�. Pale lavender flowers mid-July.

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    Soft blue, heart-shaped leaves. Lavender flowers late summer.

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    Small elongated leaves with a deep blue-green center with a narrow chartreuse margin. Good substance. Near-white flowers late July.

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    Piecrust Promise

    Light green leaves with rippled, medium to dark green margins. Good substance. Very pale lavender flowers mid-June to early July.

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    Piedmont Gold

    An excellent gold leaved Hosta. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Pilgrim

    Medium green center of leaf stays medium green all though the growing season. The leaf margin starts out yellow early then turns creamy white in early summer. Heart shaped leaves with average substance. Lavender flowers.

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    Pineapple Punch (PPPP18318)

    Extremely rippled, long, narrow dark green leaves emerging with light green margins changing into showy gold to creamy white margins. Lavender flowers midsummer.

  • Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

    Green early changing to green-margined with a bright gold center by mid-summer; rippled narrow blades: lavender flowers in August.

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    Pineapple Zest

    Wavy, light gold, narrowly elliptic leaves. Pale purple flowers in early August.

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    Pixie Power

    Narrow, white centered leaves with green margins. . Purple flowers in August.

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    Heart-shaped frosted blue-green leaves with irregular cream-white margins. Pale lavender flowers.

  • plantaginea

    Shiny, light green color foliage with smooth texture. Fragrant 6� long white flowers. Long known as the �August Lily.�

  • Plantaginea Aphrodite

    Shiny, light green color foliage with smooth texture. Double, fragrant, white flowers as much as 6� long.

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    Pocketful of Sunshine (PP23709)

    Yellow, cupped leaves with a broad, deep green margin. Grows into a compact clump. Fast growth rate. Light lavender flowers early to midsummer.

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    Rounded, yellow leaves with a blue margin. Yellow fades to cream midsummer. Leaves become more cupped with maturity. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Bluish-green to medium green, ovate-shaped and slightly wavy leaves. Vigorous grower. Lavender flowers late June to July.

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    Prairie Moon

    Bright yellow, wedge-shaped leaves backed by a lovely silver reverse keep their color all season long. Slug resistant. Lavender bell-shaped flowers in August.

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    Prairie Sky

    Powdery blue leaves that keep their color all season long. Slightly cupped. Good substance. Grows into a tight clump. Pale lavender flowers mid to late summer.

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    Prairie Sunset

    Bright fold leaves with a striking dark green margin. Corrugated at maturity. Near white flowers in July.

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    Praying Hands

    Upright, narrow leaves of �Praying Hands� gives it an unusual look like no other Hosta. Each green leaf is rolled and folded into a tube shape, displaying the prominent veins on the back of the leaf. A thin white margin borders the outside margin of the leaf.

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    Prince of Darkness

    Cupped, rounded, dark green leaves with an irregular, narrow, white center. Good substance. Pale lavender flowers in August.

  • Punky

    Gold centered, blue-green margin, very heavy substance, slightly rippled. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Queen Josephine

    dark green glossy leaves are bordered by a wide yellow margin, which turns lighter as the season progresses. Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Queen of the Seas

    Blue, pointed heart-shaped leaves are heavily rippled with a pie crust margin. Pale lavender flowers early season.

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    Quilting Bee

    Some puckering, shiny, dark green leaves. Pale purple, semi-bell shaped flowers in July.

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    Radiant Edger

    A wide gold margin surrounds a medium to dark green center, average substance. Lavender flowers.

  • Radio Waves

    Medium green with a center band of chartreuse in spring; very wavy; good substance; fast growth rate. Pale lavender flowers in August.

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    Rain Dancer

    Wide chartreuse-yellow margins on large blue-green leaves. Margined sport of �Blue Umbrellas�. Pale lavender flowers early summer.

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    Rainbows End (PP17251)

    Very dark green, shiny leaves with a yellow center that streaks into white. Purple flowers in August.

  • Rainforest Sunrise

    Sport of �Maui Buttercups.� Leaves are solid light green when they emerge, then quickly develop dark green margins and radiant gold centers. Leaves are thick and glossy, making them slug resistant. Light lavender flowers.

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    Rare Breed

    Leaves have a crisp white center with army green jetting and green margins. This plant is a showy selection for any garden with its gorgeous tricolored leaves. Semi-upright growth habit. Pale lavender flowers mid to late summer.

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    Red Alert

    Green leaves with a narrow, creamy yellow margin; crimson red petioles extending into the leaves. Deep lavender flowers mid-summer.

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    Regal Chameleon

    Blue-green leaves have a white center in the spring that turns all green by summer. Grows into a vase-shaped clump. Lavender flowers on tall scapes.

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    Regal Promenade

    Large, blue-green leaves that have cream streaks. Pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Regal Rhubarb

    Deep green leaves with bright red petioles; heavily rippled margin; moderate corrugation; good substance. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Regal Splendor

    A sport of ‘Krossa Regal’ with creamy-white leaf margins on frosty blue leaves. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Regal Supreme (PP19818)

    Frosty, blue-green leaves with a beautiful very wide, contrasting, creamy-white margin. Grows in upright vase-shaped mound. Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Creamy white center is green speckled with a very dark green margin. Lavender flowers.

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    Rhino Hide (PPAF)

    Wide blue margins with a narrow light green to yellow center. Leaves are cupped, puckered., and so thick, slugs can�t touch them! White flowers early to midsummer.