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    Ripple Effect

    Long, narrow, wavy gold leaves with a narrow blue-green margin occasionally jetting towards the center. Foliage changes to chartreuse with a green margin in summer. Unique sport of �June.� Pale lavender flowers mid to late summer.

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    Rippled Treasure

    Elliptic-shaped leaves emerge bluish, changing to medium green by early summer with a heavily rippled margin. Slightly wavy. Slightly corrugated. Pale lavender flowers late June to mid-July.

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    Rising Sun

    Ovate-shaped, bright gold leaves. Slightly wavy and slightly corrugated. Semi-upright growth habit. Pale purple flowers mid-July to August.

  • Risky Business

    The white centered form of �Striptease,� with the same growth rate. Mature plants have an interesting twist on the leaf tip. Lavender flowers in August.

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    Robin Hood

    Medium green center with a dark green margin; thick substance; heavily corrugated. Near-white flowers.

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    Rosedale Golden Goose

    Bright gold leaves with good substance. Sun tolerant. Lavender flowers in July.

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    Rosedale Lost Dutchman

    Bright Gold; heavily corrugated; thick substance. Near-white flowers.

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    Rosedale Tractor Seat

    Large, nearly round, cupped green leaves. Heavily corrugated. Thick underside bloom. Thick substance. Near white flowers late June.

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    Roy Klehm (PP19647)

    Yellow leaves with wide dark green margins. Upright vase-shaped habit. Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Royal Standard

    Rich green foliage with huge fragrant white flowers.

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    Royal Tapestry

    Blue-green center with margin that changes from yellow to creamy white; slightly wavy; moderately corrugated; good substance. Pale Lavender flowers.

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    Royal Tiara

    Pale green margin, narrow white center, twisted shape. The most unusual of all the �Tiaras� known for its very odd, gnarled, white centered foliage, July lavender flowers.

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    Sagae {aka fluctuans variegated}

    Frosty green leaves with creamy yellow margins. Near white flowers.

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    Saishu Jima(aka Haku Jima)

    Dark green leaves are narrowly elliptic, very wavy, shiny leaves. Reddish purple dots on petioles. Grows into a small, dense mound. Medium purple flowers.

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    Narrow blue leaves, pointed and slightly folded, with somewhat wavy margins.� Upright growth habit forms a vase-shaped mound. Near white flowers midsummer.

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    Sara’s Sensation

    Blue-green leaves with wide gold margins; heavily corrugated; thick substance. Near white flowers early summer.

  • Satisfaction

    A sport of �Piedmont Gold�, dark leaves with wide gold margin. Near white flowers in July.

  • Savannah Supreme

    Creamy white margins, heavily streaked, green and white center, average substance. A sport of �Savannah,� very striking multi-colored foliage and fragrant August, and pale lavender flowers are the key features of this exciting new cultivar.

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    Dark green leaves edged with a wide creamy-white margin. Lavender flowers.

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    Sea Fire

    Intense light golden-yellow leaves emerge with red petioles in spring, becoming medium green in August. Deep lavender flowers on dark reddish green scapes.

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    Sea Thunder

    Small creamy-white centered leaves with streaky green margins. Pale purple flowers.

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    Sea White Gold

    Medium to bright gold, slightly rippled, and moderately corrugated leaves. Leaf blade is ovate-shaped with a distinct tip. Good substance. Pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Seducer (PP22413)

    Dark green leaves with a slightly ruffled, gold margin and a hint of white between the center and margin. Near-white flowers late summer.

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    Sentimental Journey

    Chartreuse center with margin that changes from chartreuse to gold; thick substance. Near-white flowers.

  • September Sun

    Yellow center with green margins. High contrast between the margin and the center. Bell-shaped pale lavender flowers in August.

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    Blue leaves. Open blue, bell shaped flowers in mid-July.

  • Shade Fanfare

    Light green leaves with wide creamy margins. Has a vigorous growth rate. Pale lavender flowers late July to August.

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    Shiny Penny

    Dense mound of wavy, gold foliage, changing to chartreuse as the season progresses. Smooth, ovate-shaped leaves. Purple flowers late July.

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    Medium green leaves with creamy-white margins. Leaf blades are ovate-shaped, deeply veined, and are slightly wavy. Lavender flowers mid to late July.

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    Sieboldiana Elegans

    Large blue-gray leaves. White flowers.

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    Silver Bay

    Blue-green, intensely corrugated leaves; thick substance. Very pale purple flowers in July.

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    Silver Mine

    1×1″ lightly wavy, shiny, lance shaped white speckled leaves. They emerge white in the spring and gradually develop green specks through the season. By late summer, the leaves will be mostly green, but misted with white. Slow growth habit. It will need some morning sun and even moisture to prosper. Pale lavender flowers in midsummer.

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    Silver Threads and Golden Needles

    Compact, miniature Hosta with gold leaves splotched with green flecks and streaks. Lavender flowers.

  • Slick Willie

    Dark green, slick and shiny leaves. Pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Slim and Trim

    Medium blue, elongated leaves. Small, vigorous clump. Lavender flowers.

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    Smiley Face

    Slightly corrugated, light yellow leaves. Pinkish petioles. Medium to fast growth rate. Reddish-purple flowers mid-July on pinkish scapes.

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    Smooth Sailing

    gold-centered, green-margined leaves; deeply veined; slightly wavy. Pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Snow Cap

    Heart-shaped, blue-green, with a wide, irregular, creamy-white margin. White flowers.

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    Snow Flakes

    Leaves are medium, all green, lanceolate. Pure white flowers.

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    Sparkle (PPAF)

    Narrow leaves with dark green margins that jet into the creamy white to white center. Heavy substance. Light lavender flowers mid to late summer.

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    Dark green, heart-shaped leaves with a narrow yellow edge accentuating the rippled margin. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Spartan Glory

    Shiny, dark green center, creamy yellow to white margin; heavily corrugated. Thick substance. Near white flowers.

  • Spellbound

    Apple-green center; creamy yellow margin; heavily corrugated and somewhat unruly; good substance. Near white flowers.

  • Spilt Milk

    Think round, heart-shaped leaves that are cupped and puckered. The blue-green leaves are unusually streaked and misted with narrow white and gray markings, with darker green margins. White flowers.

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    Spinach Souffl’

    Round, blue-green leaves with a wide yellow margin. Thick substance. Very pale lavender flowers in June and July.

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    Spirit of St. Louis

    Large, medium green leaves; good substance; fast growth rate. Near white flowers mid-July to mid-August. 2008 AHS convention plant.

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    Spring Fling

    Heart-shaped green leaves with a creamy-white, pie-crusted edge. Lavender flowers in early summer.

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    Squash Casserole

    Medium gold leave are ovate in shape; ruffled; slightly corrugated; deeply veined. Thin underside bloom. Medium purple flowers in July.

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    St. Paul

    Thick gold heart-shaped leaves are bordered by a wide blue-green margin. A wonderful sport of �Paul�s Glory.� Pale lavender flowers.

  • Stained Glass

    A sport of �Guacamole�. It differs by its variegation earlier in the spring and holding a much brighter gold throughout the season. Large fragrant, near white flowers.

  • Striptease

    A sport of ‘Gold Standard’ with wider dark green margins; a white strip appears between the green and gold area. Pale violet flowers in late July.

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    Sugar and Spice

    Glossy, medium-green leaves with a bright creamy-white edge. Fragrant lavender flowers in August. Good sun tolerance.

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    Heavy textured, vigorous growth habit, heart-shaped with distinct green center and distinct wide gold margin. Near white flowers.

  • Sum and Substance

    Chartreuse to gold leaves with lavender flowers late in season.

  • Sum Cup-o-Joe

    Chartreuse center with a thin white margin, an unusual sport of �Sum and Substance.� Lavender flowers.

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    Sum It Up

    Shiny, medium green leaves with a gold margin. Smooth texture. Thick substance. Lavender flowers.

  • Sum of All

    Green center with a ��to 1� wide gold margin. Lavender flowers on 4� scapes.

  • Summer Breeze

    A sport of �Summer Music�: wide gold margins surround a rich green center; excellent growth rate; pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Summer Lovin’

    Dark green center with a wide yellow margin; thick substance. Pale Lavender flowers during July.

  • Summer Music

    Distinguished by a large creamy-white center, and bordered by a two-tone chartreuse and gold margin. Needs bright, morning sun to grow well. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Summer Serenade

    Gold-centered, green leaves are broadly ovate-shaped, slightly wavy, and slightly corrugated. Thick substance. Near white flowers late June to July.

  • Sun Kissed

    Chartreuse to medium gold center with a white margin. Fragrant, white flowers.

  • Sun Power

    Excellent gold leaved hosta. Thick substance, moderately wavy. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Sunlight Child

    Bright gold leaves with slightly shiny underside. Medium purple flowers August with intense red-purple dots on scapes.

  • Sunshine Glory

    Large green leaves are corrugated and edged with a wide gold margin. Near white flowers in early summer.

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    Super Nova

    A reverse form of �Frances Williams�. 1� wide blue-green margins surround the gold center. The leaf center is chartreuse in early spring and chances to a medium gold by summer. Near white flowers.

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    Sutter’s Mill

    Bright gold, moderately corrugated leaves. Good substance. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Swamp Thing

    Dark green, ovate-shaped leaves with a creamy yellow to white margin; wavy. Deep purple flowers in July.

  • Sweet Home Chicago

    Sport of �Birchwood Parky�s Gold�, gold-centered, green-margined; colors intensify during the growing season and with direct sunlight. July lavender flowers.

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    Sweet Innocence

    Light green leaves with a creamy yellow to white margin. Fragrant, lavender flowers mid-August to September.

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    Sweet Tater Pie

    Shiny, light gold foliage; wavy margins; leaf shape is elliptic to narrowly ovate. Pale purple flowers mid-July to August.

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    Gigantic green leaves measure 18� long by 14�wide. Large, near-white flowers.

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    Intensely corrugated, unruly, cupped, blue-green leaves. Thick substance. Flowers late June to mid-July.

  • Teaspoon

    Leaves are medium green; moderately corrugated; cupped; roundish blade. Pale pink flowers.

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    Bluish green in the center early, changing to dark green; margin chartreuse to medium gold. Outstanding substance. Pale lavender flowers.

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    The King

    Bluish green with gold to creamy white rippled margins; moderately corrugated. Lavender flowers in July.

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    The Leading Edge

    Green center with greenish yellow margin that is nicely rippled; thick substance. Becomes a large semi-upright mound. Near-white flowers.

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    The Queen

    Gold to creamy white leaves with a slightly rippled, bluish green margin; moderately corrugated. Lavender flowers in July.

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    Thumb Nail

    Ovate-shaped, medium green leaves. Purple flowers late June.

  • Thumbelina

    Creamy-white margins with a medium green center. Fast growth rate. Pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Narrow, shiny green leaves form a tight, low mound. Purple flowers.

  • Thunderbolt (PP14232)

    Very thick, blue-green leaves have a golden flash down the center of each leaf, which turns creamy white in July. Near white flowers.

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    Tick Tock

    Yellow leaves with dark green margins form a compact mound; good growth rate. Great for edging. Pale lavender flowers midsummer.

  • Tijuana Brass

    Chartreuse early, turning a shiny, medium gold; twisted; thick substance. 32� scapes with pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Tiny Tears

    Medium green leaves are oval-shaped. Smooth texture. Forms a small, dense clump. Medium purple flowers midsummer.

  • Tokudama Aureonebulosa

    Cup-shaped, heavy textured leaves are streaked yellow, margined by a blue-green edge. Heavy corrugated leaves are slug resistant. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Tokudama Flavocircinalis

    Gold margined, blue-green center leaves. Heavily corrugated thick substance. Looks like a downsized version of ‘Frances Williams.� Pale lavender flowers.

  • Topaz

    A dense mound of strikingly beautiful, blue foliage; excellent grower with good substance. July pale lavender flowers.

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    Touch of Class (PP13080)

    The tetraploid form of �June,� emerges in the spring with intense blue leaves and a gold flame in the leaves� center. A green pattern occurs where the gold and blue overlap. The leaves have a thick substance and are held more upright than �June.� Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Toy Soldier

    Heart shaped, blue-green to medium green leaves are surrounded by a chartreuse changing to creamy yellow margin. Dense clusters of lavender flowers midsummer. Vigorous growth rate.

  • Tracy’s Emerald Cup

    Beautiful emerald green leaves which are very cupped. Has excellent substance and growth habits. Lavender flowers.

  • Twilight (PP14040)

    Nearly round leaves with medium green center and a wide creamy border. Lavender flowers.

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    Twilight Time

    Bright blue; moderately rippled; elliptic-ovate blade shape. Pale purple flowers.

  • Tyler’s Treasure

    Blue-green, heart-shaped leaves with gold edge. Near white flowers.

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    Ulysses S. Grant

    Blue-green leaves; moderately corrugated and rippled; thick substance. Vase-shaped habit. Very pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Undulata Univittata (aka Medio-Variegata)

    Wavy green leaves with white centers. Pale purple flowers.

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    Upper Crust

    Leaves have 1� wide, dark green margin; center is light green early, changing to creamy white by early summer; wavy. Pale lavender flowers in July.

  • Ventricosa Aureomarginta

    Purple flowers margins briefly gold, changing to white by early June; margins ��-2� wide, dark green center. A classic because of variegation and vivid

  • Veronica Lake

    Blue-green heart shaped leaves with creamy-white margins. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Virginia Reel (PPAF)

    Blue-green lance shaped leaves with yellow margins, that lighten to creamy as the season progresses. Forms a low, pinwheel like mound. Good substance. Lavender flowers midsummer.