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    Creamy white leaves with dark green margins and golden yellow streaks in the interior margin. Excellent growth rate. Pale lavender flowers mid to late summer.

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    Wave Runner

    Slightly corrugated, chartreuse leaves with heavily rippled 1� yellow margins. Purple flowers in July.

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    Wheee! (PP23565)

    Leaves are extremely ruffled and wavy from the crown to the tips of the green leaves with cream margins. Good substance. Light lavender flowers midsummer.

  • Whirling Dervish

    Sport of �Whirlwind.� Known for its striking variegation; leaves are dark green center with a sharply contrasting, clear white 1� margin. Good substance. Lavender flowers late July.

  • Whirlwind

    Green leaf margins encircle a streaky yellowish-white center that bleaches white as the season progresses. Lavender flowers.

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    Whirlwind Romance

    White-centered sport of ‘Whirlwind’ that stays white all summer; dark green margins and heavy substance. Lavender flowers.

  • Whirlwind Tour

    Sport of �Whirlwind.� Dark green margins; center is limey- green in spring turning into creamy-white midsummer. Lavender flowers late July.

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    Whiskey Sour

    Foliage is shimmy, bright gold; slightly corrugated; good substance; wavy. Pale lavender flowers.

  • White Christmas

    White centers, thin green margins; average substance. Lavender flowers.

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    White Dove

    Green, elliptic-shaped leaves with a white margin. White flowers in August.

  • Wide Brim

    Dark green leaves with wide, irregular margins of buttery yellow. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Wily Willy

    Dark green, shiny, wavy leaves are lance-shaped with thick substance. Reddish petioles. Lavender flowers in September.

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    Winfield Gold

    Gold lance shaped leaves with heavy substance. Lavender flowers.

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    Winter Snow

    Chartreuse to gold, broadly oblong-ovate leaves with 1 �� wide creamy yellow to white margins. Thick substance. One of the best white-edged sports of �Sum and Substance.� Pale Lavender flowers late July on 4� scapes.

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    Wishing Well (PPAF)

    Large, blue leaves emerge slowly, showing a corrugated, rippled and uniquely cupped leaves that slowly unfold as they mature. Blue color lasts long into the season. Good substance. Good growth rate. Near white flowers mid to late summer.

  • Wolverine

    A beautiful gold edged, blue-green center lance shaped leaves with a rapid growth rate. Lavender flowers in August.

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    Woolly Mammoth

    Blue-green center with a wide, gold margin; thick substance. Sport of �Blue Mammoth� Near-white flowers.

  • Wylde Green Cream

    1/4� wide dark green margin surrounding a bright gold center. Sport of �Vanilla Cream�. Excellent contrast between the green margin and the yellow gold center. Lavender flowers in July.

  • X-rated

    3� long by 1� wide leaves with white center and heavily rippled green margin. Purple flowers.

  • X-ray

    4� long by 1� wide leaves with a center that is misted green and white in spring. Green by mid-summer; rippled, green margin. Bright purple flowers.

  • Xanadu

    Creamy-yellow centers with a wide medium green margin. Leaves are 4 �� long by 2 �� wide. Pale purple flowers on purplish-red scapes.

  • Yellow River

    Dark green leaves with yellow margins. White flowers.

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    Shiny, dark green center; wide, creamy yellow to white margin. Good substance. Lavender flowers.

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    Zion�s Hope

    Heart-shaped, slightly wavy green leaves with a yellow margin. Lavender Flowers.

  • Zodiac

    Notable for its intriguing series of foliage color changes. In late May and early June center of leaves are chartreuse with a creamy yellow, lighter margin, leaves change in late June to a gold center and white margin. Pale lavender flowers mid-July.