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All Hostas that start with the letter “T”

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    Gigantic green leaves measure 18� long by 14�wide. Large, near-white flowers.

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    Intensely corrugated, unruly, cupped, blue-green leaves. Thick substance. Flowers late June to mid-July.

  • Teaspoon

    Leaves are medium green; moderately corrugated; cupped; roundish blade. Pale pink flowers.

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    Bluish green in the center early, changing to dark green; margin chartreuse to medium gold. Outstanding substance. Pale lavender flowers.

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    The King

    Bluish green with gold to creamy white rippled margins; moderately corrugated. Lavender flowers in July.

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    The Leading Edge

    Green center with greenish yellow margin that is nicely rippled; thick substance. Becomes a large semi-upright mound. Near-white flowers.

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    The Queen

    Gold to creamy white leaves with a slightly rippled, bluish green margin; moderately corrugated. Lavender flowers in July.

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    Thumb Nail

    Ovate-shaped, medium green leaves. Purple flowers late June.

  • Thumbelina

    Creamy-white margins with a medium green center. Fast growth rate. Pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Narrow, shiny green leaves form a tight, low mound. Purple flowers.

  • Thunderbolt (PP14232)

    Very thick, blue-green leaves have a golden flash down the center of each leaf, which turns creamy white in July. Near white flowers.

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    Tick Tock

    Yellow leaves with dark green margins form a compact mound; good growth rate. Great for edging. Pale lavender flowers midsummer.

  • Tijuana Brass

    Chartreuse early, turning a shiny, medium gold; twisted; thick substance. 32� scapes with pale lavender flowers in July.

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    Tiny Tears

    Medium green leaves are oval-shaped. Smooth texture. Forms a small, dense clump. Medium purple flowers midsummer.

  • Tokudama Aureonebulosa

    Cup-shaped, heavy textured leaves are streaked yellow, margined by a blue-green edge. Heavy corrugated leaves are slug resistant. Pale lavender flowers.

  • Tokudama Flavocircinalis

    Gold margined, blue-green center leaves. Heavily corrugated thick substance. Looks like a downsized version of ‘Frances Williams.� Pale lavender flowers.

  • Topaz

    A dense mound of strikingly beautiful, blue foliage; excellent grower with good substance. July pale lavender flowers.

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    Touch of Class (PP13080)

    The tetraploid form of �June,� emerges in the spring with intense blue leaves and a gold flame in the leaves� center. A green pattern occurs where the gold and blue overlap. The leaves have a thick substance and are held more upright than �June.� Lavender flowers midsummer.

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    Toy Soldier

    Heart shaped, blue-green to medium green leaves are surrounded by a chartreuse changing to creamy yellow margin. Dense clusters of lavender flowers midsummer. Vigorous growth rate.

  • Tracy’s Emerald Cup

    Beautiful emerald green leaves which are very cupped. Has excellent substance and growth habits. Lavender flowers.

  • Twilight (PP14040)

    Nearly round leaves with medium green center and a wide creamy border. Lavender flowers.

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    Twilight Time

    Bright blue; moderately rippled; elliptic-ovate blade shape. Pale purple flowers.

  • Tyler’s Treasure

    Blue-green, heart-shaped leaves with gold edge. Near white flowers.